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Strengthening Homes Against Wildfires: A Call to Action for Contractors

As we enter another wildfire season in the Truckee Tahoe region, the importance of wildfire preparedness cannot be overstated. With the threat of wildfires looming, we must take proactive steps to protect our homes and communities through a coupled approach of defensible space and home hardening. One key aspect of wildfire mitigation is home hardening, a process that strengthens properties against the ravages of fire by focusing on noncombustible and ember-resistant upgrades around the exterior of a home.

At Truckee Fire Protection District, we recognize the vital role that contractors play in safeguarding our community against wildfires. That's why we're excited to support the launch of a new Home Hardening category in the CATT directory. This category will serve as a valuable resource for homeowners seeking contractors with expertise in wildfire mitigation and home hardening measures.

By adding your business to the Home Hardening category, you'll not only showcase your commitment to safety but also position yourselves as leaders in community wildfire mitigation. Whether you specialize in installing noncombustible or fire-resistant materials, upgrading vent screening, replacing combustible attachments with noncombustible alternatives, or various external retrofitting projects; your contributions are invaluable in our collective efforts to protect lives and property.

Contractors listed in the new category will also be promoted through Truckee Fire's Harden Your Home Rebate Program. This program offers cost-share financial incentives to homeowners who undertake home hardening measures, further encouraging the adoption of wildfire mitigation strategies.

Truckee Fire's website will link directly to the category on CATT’s directory page, providing homeowners with easy access to your business details as a qualified contractor. By adding your business to the directory and promoting the Rebate Program with your customers, you'll not only attract new clients but also contribute to the safety and resilience of our community.

To add your business to the Home Hardening category in the CATT directory, email To learn more about the Harden Your Home Rebate Program, visit Thank you for your dedication to building, retrofitting, and a creating a safer & fire resilient Truckee Tahoe.

Eric Horntvedt is the Wildfire Prevention Manager with Truckee Fire Protection District. His Defensible Space Team can be contacted at 530-582-7888 or

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