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The Vision for the Downtown Truckee Park

This Park started with an incredible vision - that was Mark Tanner, Mark Tanner Construction.

That vision was shared with a brilliant landscape architect - that was Patrick McEnany, High West Landscape Architects.

Together, an enchanted design was created that stretched our imaginations for the space.  It included an amphitheater, natural play scape, stream link paver pathway, local artist mural, and pergola entrances.

Steve Randall, TDRPD General Manager helped to craft the message including words like: exterior revitalization, downtown revitalization, and historical building. We added descriptives like a sensory garden, ADA accessible for all ages, cultural extension, conservation grant for lighting and irrigation plans and custom engraved pavers.

We needed someone to take charge of the project and make it happen. We had a really hard time getting it started. Jen Weissenberg, MTC Project Manager stepped in. She tackled the public works criteria, and masterfully and tirelessly began the slow process of transforming what was a 1/4 acre bleak space into what we see today.

With the help of the community, sponsors, and construction partners - this public space opened on October 26, 2022.

Thank you to those who purchased a custom paver, sponsored, or donated. Without the generosity of our partners construction of this gathering place in the heart of our community would not have been possible.

See the full Press Release here

Purchase a Park Paver 

To make a donation for a Park Paver and add your inscription, please click here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 530.582.7720.



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