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October Newsletter

Letter from the CATT Executive Director

Dear Members,


Just a reminder that the Town of Truckee, inline with their General Plan, has adopted new Objective Design Standards. The standards can be found here: TOT Objective Design Standards.

This year we have seen the adoption of several plans, ordinances and codes, all affecting the construction industry. We are watching and engaging every step of the way. I can't emphasize enough the need for your expertise on our Government Affairs Committee that engages with and provides advice to me, the town council and town staff. Your involvement is critical to our success. YOU are an expert in what you do and YOU can make a difference.

Recently we sent out a poll asking several questions and one was specific to government advocacy. Every general contractor said this was the most important activity for CATT, while  others considered networking important and meeting our general contractors important as well. We all join for different reasons...however, we should be united in one.. And that is to support the trades and our GC’s...without them spearheading projects we’d have no one to supply.

Our suppliers and subcontractors don't pull permits (subs rarely), however our GC’s do and they constantly have to deal with new government codes and regulations almost on a weekly basis. It is important for the health of all our businesses that general contractors are not unduly burdened by overreaching government regulations. The more they are burdened the less the profitability, the higher the cost of construction and so on ....burdensome unneeded regulation affects us all.

I invite you to attend our Government Affairs Committee meetings that take place at the CATT office and via ZOOM every 3rd Monday of the month at 4pm. I also invite you to attend our Political Action Committee meetings that takes place every 3rd Thursday of the month at the CATT office. These two groups are the heart of CATT and are involved inshaping CATT’s public policy. If you have any questions please contact me at 530-550-9999.

Let me re-emphasize, codes and regulations are changing fast and we haven't even gotten to reach codes yet, our GC’s need our support, it will help you in the long run and YOU canmake all the difference.

Enjoy the fall colors, the crisp air and Happy Halloween.


Warm regards,

Edward C. Vento, DBA

Executive Director

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