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Lighting sets the mood, tone, and overall feel of a home. In the main work areas – the bathroom and kitchen – lighting is especially important because it allows you to see up close and personal when it matters most: make-up for day or night, the early morning shave, food preparation, or cleaning counters.

It's easy to make your old rooms feel like new again by adg new light fixtures. Change the finish of your light fixtures to stainless steel, bronze, or copper to update the room. Imported glass fixtures give an old-world feel while remaining timeless. Add a chandelier and you've set a stylish mood.

Powder bathrooms also merit a good part of a lighting budget. It is one of the most used rooms in the house and also a place to impress the guests. Replace the old three-light vanity above the mirror with a beautiful cascading pendant over the sink or flank the sides of a pretty mirror with elegant sconces.

For the dining room or powder room, don't forget the dimmer so you can add natural candlelight when guests are over.

Above it all, recessed lighting can be used to accent work surfaces, bookcases, art, and other design features of any room.

Ironically, lighting is typically the last item ordered on any construction project, but it is likely the first thing people see! The lighting budget sometimes suffers because it comes into play later in the progress of a construction project. As a result, the overall mood and ambiance of a room may change from what was expected. Don't let this happen to you! Make sure you leave room in your budget to light all of the beautiful cabinets, wall surfaces, and design features to which you have just devoted so much thought and time.

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Photo Courtsey Mt. Lincoln Construction, Inc.

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