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After an exciting April and May, marked by lingering winter weather and persistent Town of Truckee government policies, we successfully forged a historic partnership with MAP to tackle the Town of Truckee General Plan. Through several meetings, we managed to delay the adoption of the general plan and implemented some crucial changes before its final adoption just before midnight on May 9th. While the General Plan is not perfect, it serves as our foundation, and now the real work begins. We are collaborating with trade advisors and climate change experts to stay well-informed and ready as we participate in the committees responsible for recommending new reach codes and development code changes for the Town of Truckee.

Furthermore, the reach code recommendation process is now underway in the City of South Lake Tahoe, where our South Lake Tahoe Government Affairs Committee has already begun engaging with that community government.

Our government affairs committee and subcommittees are also busier than ever, as we engage in discussions with Cal Fire regarding the adoption of new regulations that will take effect soon.

As we observe the six different counties we operate in, we notice a common theme: the prioritization of popular environmental initiatives that accomplish very little, over community needs. For instance, we have witnessed lengthy debates in the Town of Truckee over banning water bottles and plastic signs. While plastic pollution is an important issue, the lack of affordable housing, forcing people to commute long distances or even sleep in their cars, should also be a priority. We are still waiting for the Town of Truckee to define what workforce housing is and allocate sufficient time for discussions on this critical subject.

On a brighter note, it’s event season! We recently enjoyed a fantastic Clay Sporting Tournament in Carson City where Sani-Hut took home the top prize. As we prepare for the Spring Golf Tournament and four other events in June alone, our staff, board, and volunteers are dedicated to delivering value for your investment. Through advocacy, training, compliance training, and networking events, we strive to provide opportunities for you to connect with fellow members and grow your business. It’s our pleasure to champion your interests at county and town hall meetings and organize exciting events for your enjoyment. Please come see us at the mixers and community events and you can always volunteer, volunteerism is the lifeblood of associations like ours. 

Best Regards,

Edward C. Vento

DBA Executive Director

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