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This is the 45th year anniversary of Waltman Construction, the snow removal company that Jaime’s parents, Bob and Joanne Waltman, started in 1979, soon after Jaime was born. When they first moved here, Bob and Joanne asked around, what does the town need? Where are the pain points? Of course, everyone said “Snow Removal!”, so Jaime’s wise parents started Waltman Construction and 45 years of Snow Removal Services later, Jaime is the hands-on owner of Elements Mountain Company (Waltman Construction merged with Jaime’s previous business partner, Snow Tech, in 2017). Jaime has also launched three new business ventures with partner, Stacey.

Jaime has grown up in the business and absolutely loves working in snow removal. Jaime has continued to grow the company by adding new divisions, Defensible Space, Construction Services and now, Excavation! Her focus is always on “what do our existing Tahoe Donner customers need?” That business strategy has allowed Jaime to serve over 5,000 homes in the Tahoe Donner community. Jaime and Elements also provide snow removal services to many of the larger commercial parking lots in the Truckee community. Jaime credits her amazing and loyal staff for her ongoing passion for Elements. 

Jaime and her new business partner, Stacy, initially decided on a coffee venture together. Since then the coffee venture has grown into a remodel of the old 76 station to an open-all-day Coffee, Beer and Wine Shop. As the new shop concept was up and rolling, Jaime and Stacy were given the opportunity to buy the Zander’s liquor license and rights. The timing could not have been better with the recent launch of the construction division at Elements. Jaime and the Elements Construction Crew have thoroughly enjoyed the process of renovating both the gas station and Zander’s The Bottleshop. 

CA-TT had a great turnout for our April mixer, hosted by Jaime and Zander’s. The food was delicious and the local beer tastings were a big hit. At the event, Jaime announced a third venture, a full blown music festival in Truckee this August! Truckee is very lucky to have such an enterprising female business owner who continues to grow the services offered to Truckee full time and part time residents.

Jaime has also contributed tremendously to the Truckee schools and sports clubs. Her kids have all gone to Truckee Elementary, Alder Creek Middle School and Truckee High School. Her children Tatum, Trevor and Cade plan to carry on the legacy by joining the family business. Jaime’s mother, Joanne, still works closely with Jaime to keep the business growing and thriving. Jaime credits her work ethic to both of her parents, with her “dad as the engine, and mom as the caboose, pushing everything along”.

For younger women looking at a career in the trades, Jaime encourages women to find a welcoming environment where your skills are valued. Both men and women have skill sets that are highly valued in the trades. Discovering where your skills are, and then finding a place where you are needed and valued, is the path to a prosperous career in the trades! For young Truckee girls, interested in the trades, Elements Mountain Company is a great company to start your career. Under Jaime’s leadership, there are abundant opportunities for females and a strong female team to support you in this male dominated industry! 

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