Dear loyal CATT Members,

Due to health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, CATT has decided to suspend, reschedule, or cancel any group gatherings until further notice. This includes board meetings, committee meetings, trainings/classes, and events. We will re-evaluate and update our membership by April 15th. CATT staff will be available to help committees set up conference calls for necessary meetings, and continue to assist members and homeowners as needed. We encourage our membership to limit in-person contact as much as possible by using phone or email for assistance. The health and safety of our membership and Truckee-Tahoe community are our top priority at this time. Please contact us if you have questions at 530.550.9999 or

Please read our latest COVID-19 updates for more information.

Kellie Cutler
Executive Director


The following Code of Ethics shall be honored by every member of this Association:

Be mindful of your responsibility to CATT and fellow members, and through conduct of your business, demonstrate that membership in this organization is an assurance of integrity and quality.

Ensure that agreements and contracts are clear and understandable and state the essentials of every transaction with adequate protection and representation to all concerned.

Provide fair and just compensation for services rendered in each transaction.

Keep your insurance and license current.

Provide opportunities for employment in a safe environment.

Cooperate with all public officials and comply with all laws and regulations governing the industry and our community.

Say or print nothing that may reflect unfavorably on others except in an articulate, intelligent manner and only when protection of the public good and/or our industry dictates.

Dedicate yourself to bringing together members of the construction industry and community at large in the bonds of fellowship, mutual understanding, and positive solutions.