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Due to health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, CATT has decided to suspend, reschedule, or cancel any group gatherings until further notice. This includes board meetings, committee meetings, trainings/classes, and events. We will re-evaluate and update our membership by April 15th. CATT staff will be available to help committees set up conference calls for necessary meetings, and continue to assist members and homeowners as needed. We encourage our membership to limit in-person contact as much as possible by using phone or email for assistance. The health and safety of our membership and Truckee-Tahoe community are our top priority at this time. Please contact us if you have questions at 530.550.9999 or

Please read our latest COVID-19 updates for more information.

Kellie Cutler
Executive Director


History of CATT Political Action Committee

One of the original goals when CATT was formed in 1998 was to provide a cohesive “voice” for the building industry with all of the various governmental agencies. This was something that did not exist prior to the formation of CATT.

From 1998 to 2002, CATT worked with a number of these agencies to provide reasonable and constructive responses to a variety of proposed regulations and fees. But the time had come for CATT and its members to take a more active role in the policy making process that affected not only the industry but the community.

Patrick Flora was CATT President at the time. Patrick said, “I see this as not only the right thing to do, but an absolute necessity. The Construction industry is one of the largest economic forces in our area, yet with few exceptions, there are no representatives from our industry on most of the elected boards. Growth and the costs associated with it are a fact of life in our area as well as many other resort communities. How these issues are managed is of vital importance, not only to us as Contractors, Vendors and related professionals and members of the community, but to our children and future residents, who will ultimately have to live with the decisions that are made now. To achieve a truly balanced response to the many varied and complex issues our region faces requires a similarly balanced elective body.”

“Therefore I would encourage CATT members as well as non-members in our industry to consider running for positions on all of the local and regional agencies/boards that have so much impact on our community, our future and us.”

CATTPAC was born and filed its first report to the Fair Political Practices Commission in March 2002.  CATT PAC's FPPC # is 1247901.

Thanks to Patrick Flora for this historical record.

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