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Bathroom After MasterBath corner tub showerBathroom remodels can be a large endeavor for such a small room. Here are a few things to consider when jumping into a bathroom remodel.

Define your style When planning a bathroom remodel define and commit to one style.  Nothing screams homeowner designed remodel more than a jumble of styles mixed into a small space.  A modern tub with brushed chrome faucets doesn’t play well with a gilt, scrolled mirror and crystal sconces.

Select appropriate materials Remodeling a powder room? You can add more drama and bling and can go with more sensitive materials like marble and limestone (but be wary, many cleaning products are the enemy of these materials).  Remodeling a high traffic, subsidiary bathroom? You should consider less precious materials like porcelain and quartz. These products are an excellent and realistic substitute to natural products.  If you choose to go with a textured, rustic wood make sure the texture is knocked down and a protective finish coat is added.

Plan If you will be performing this remodel on your own, sans designer or architect, planning is key.  Define your needs and do your research.  Make a shopping list of items, define your budget and do your homework.

Lighting Think about what kind of lighting and where it will be positioned.  Side mount sconces at a mirror provide better light than recessed lighting alone. Used in conjunction with each other, will get you optimum bathroom lighting.

Know the codes If you’re in California you must adhere to Cal Green plumbing codes.  Purchasing your own plumbing fixtures online or in another state can be costly.  You may be throwing money down that new toilet that flushes more than 1.28 GPM.

Know your home’s limitations Curbless showers can be great new addition, however, they require special framing.  Check with your contractor and engineer before falling in love with the idea.  If you want to keep costs down, stick with existing plumbing locations.

Know your budget Just like buying a car, each upgrade with a bathroom remodel has a cost.  Know your budget and plan accordingly.  When going to a plumbing store or shopping online, everything looks good.  Honestly assess whether you can, or want to, pay the price tag.

Hire a licensed contractor Unless you are a builder, don’t go this one on your own.  Nearly every construction trade is involved in a bathroom remodel. It is a coordination nightmare to get everyone in such a small space within a short timeframe.  Contractors have relationships with their subs which helps projects flow and they will help ensure the quality and safety of your project.

Be patient and have realistic expectations Don’t base your expectations on home shows and internet images.  These can be great tools for inspiration, however most photographs are highly edited and do not accurately portray timeframes and budgets.  An editing team can erase any mishaps and errors that occur and can mask cost and time overruns.

Plan for the unexpected And last, but not least, it’s a remodel… plan for the unexpected.

Thanks to Shannon Barter of ID.3 Interior Design for writing this article. You can reach Shannon at 530.581.2895, or visit

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