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The CATT Syndicate 401(k) – How does it work?

The Syndicate concept is a type of group 401(k) plan offered by, a high quality, low cost, bundled 401(k) plan provider.  Western Level Advisors is partnered with CATT and 401GO to support each business that joins the Syndicate.

The CATT 401(k) Syndicate is an excellent benefit for members:

  • Reduce the cost of a 401(k) plan by 20-40% from 401GO’s already low cost structure.
  • Advocate the benefits of retirement savings for members, both owners and employees.
  • Introduce high quality professionals to help manage the Syndicate.

Each CATT member establishes their own, confidential, stand-alone 401(k) plan with 401GO and Western Level Advisors.  The Syndicate simply allows CATT members to gain economies of scale and reduce the cost of their plan by a considerable amount.  CATT members must maintain their membership to receive the discount.  Existing 401(k) plans are also able to join the Syndicate and may be able to lower their costs and improve the quality of their 401(k) plan.  If you don’t know your plan’s expenses (most people don’t), contact Jon at Western Level and he will perform a detailed cost analysis.

To discuss the Syndicate with Jon Fritzinger, access his calendar here:

To learn more, including a review the following items, click here: 

  • Who are 401GO and Western Level Advisors, what are their roles?
  • Understand the basics of the Safe Harbor 401(k) plans for small businesses.
  • A small business 401(k) is a great benefit for the owner(s).
  • Generous tax credits are creating a wave of new 401(k)’s.  
  • The soft-deadline for a new 401(k) plan is August 1st. 
  • Next steps, how to get started.

13. Next steps – how to begin the process?

A Safe Harbor plan can be set up in less than a month. Fill out this form or email WLA and to schedule an intro call and discuss your business and the options that best suit you.Jon Fritzinger, CEO/Founder
Western Level Advisors LLC
775 622 8062 office
Western Level Advisors LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor firm.

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