January 2021

Dear Loyal CATT Members

The CATT office is now open since Truckee, as part of the Greater Sacramento Region, has been lifted from the Regional Stay at Home Order. The health and safety of our membership and Truckee-Tahoe community continue to be top priority at this time. Staff communicates weekly industry updates and resources related to COVID-19. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting in the CATT office, please call ahead so we can ensure that CDC guidelines for workplaces are being followed. Attending CATT meetings remotely will continue to be offered as an option.


Kellie Cutler
Executive Director

Flooring choices are almost endless:

  • Tile, stone (travertine, granite, marble, etc.), wood (solid and laminate) carpet, rubber, concrete, linoleum, cork, bamboo and even brick are available as flooring materials.
  • The cost of flooring can vary somewhat depending on material and the size of the floor space. In general, however, inexpensive flooring will not offer a significant savings compared to the more expensive materials. So, consider choosing a higher quality wood or tile as both offer greater durability and will add to the value and appeal of your home.
  • Each type of flooring material has its own set of design accoutrements. Borders, medallions, and inlays now come premade for wood, tile, and stone floors. Don't overlook the grout between tiles as a design element. Grout joints can be narrow or wide, plain or colored - depending on the desired look.
  • Accent pieces can be used to break up a large expanse, to highlight a focal point, or to define one area of a room. In a multipurpose room, a good design plan may use different types of flooring to define two or more areas. Contrasting textures add interest to a room. In tile flooring, texture can be expressed through different glazes and finishes. Stone can be honed, tumbled, or polished for a variety of appealing looks. And carpets offer many textural choices: closed or cut loops and sheared or carved pile, for instance.
  • Adding a full coverage wired warm floor system under a tile floor in a room with a programmable thermostat will enhance the comfort, energy savings and value of your home. Fully wired warm floor systems eliminate cold spots. A warm floor system with flamed granite tiles feels like walking on a warm beach!