Board Election Ballot for 2019-2021 Term

Deadline to return your Ballot to the CATT office is

5:00 PM, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2018

All ballots are confidential. One ballot per member company.

All seats are for a 3-year term beginning January 2019 and ending December 2021.

Candidate Statements


I am asking for your vote to elect me to the CATT Board of Directors so that I can help strengthen our local building community.  I believe that we are stronger when we work together to foster a positive feeling toward the building industry among the community at large.   I support CATT’s initiative to interact with building officials to ensure that building in the region can progress without burdensome restrictions and fees.  I am hoping that my work as a member of the CATT Political Action Committee Board will facilitate a positive working relationship with elected officials in the region.

I would like to see our membership grow to include like-minded people and companies that work together to ensure construction projects are performed with integrity so that the public and the building industry can benefit from a prosperous and active industry.  In my short tenure at CATT, I have enjoyed participating on the CATT Membership Committee.  I regularly attend Committee meetings and have represented the Committee at two new-member orientations. I have been, and plan to continue to be, an active volunteer at CATT functions such as the 20th Anniversary and Christmas Holiday parties.

Thank you for your consideration.


I ask for your vote for the board of CATT for the following reasons: As a founding member of CATT, I understand the inner workings of CATT and the governmental agencies that work with CATT. I have a profound historical knowledge of the origin of CATT and all the proceedings that have ensued since. I have helped set up the office, have served as president twice and served on the board every year of CATT’s existence.

I’d like to keep that historical knowledge alive as we move into the future.  I believe CATT should continue to bring excellence to the building industry and promote high standards. I believe CATT should also remain the successful watchdog it has become over the governmental & quasi-governmental institutions that  regulate us, tax us & implement the fees we all eventually pay. I ask for your vote. Thank You.


I am asking for your vote to re-elect me to the CATT Board for a number of reasons: The first one is that I’m extremely hard-working and I put my all into everything I do. I have done just that during the time I have been on the CATT Board where I feel I’ve made a significant difference. The last eight years I have co-chaired the golf tournament which has been CATT’s main fundraiser and has raised  well over $350,000 during that time.

Another reason is that being the President of Truckee-Tahoe Lumber (TTL), I have close ties with most of the manufacturers and large distributors which CATT receives the majority of its donations from.  My TTL connections are instrumental in the fundraising that CATT needs to operate and to throw functions such as the Christmas Holiday Party and the golf tournament.  Lastly, I’m in a position where a large number of contractors have access to me and can voice their concerns, which I can bring back to the Board.  Thank you for your consideration, and please vote for me.


I would like to ask for your vote to elect me as a member of the CATT Board of Directors. Truckee, CATT and the community at large have treated me well in my time here and I feel compelled to participate toward our mutual success. 

As a building and real estate professional I am in tune with the needs of the membership and am well versed in the issues we face.  As a graduate of both the Truckee/North Lake Tahoe Leadership Program and the NAIOP Developing Leaders Institute, I have the experience necessary for this role and am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

I thank you for this opportunity and respectfully ask for your vote.


My name is Grady Jones and I have been serving on the Board of Directors with CATT for 2-years. During this time, I have very much enjoyed my involvement with CATT and especially have grown to appreciate all that I have learned about what CATT does to protect and serve the building community.

I have been the owner of Bobby Jones Concrete for over 30-years and approximately 10-years ago I re­located to Truckee and am thrilled to call this my home. It has been an honor to get to know all the key players that involve themselves and donate their time to CATT, and it would be my pleasure to continue to serve on the Board of Directors and be a part of such a great organization that supports such a thriving industry.


I am running for a seat on the CATT Board for two reasons.  Firstly, in my capacity as an owner of a business in the construction trades I have learned that the process of building and selling a home is at its core a collaborative process between many individuals and companies.  With this perspective I’m able to put aside competing interests and work cooperatively to achieve the common goal of completing tasks and ultimately large projects.

Secondly, as a lifelong member of this community with children I have a vested interest in making sure this region will grow into a place my kids can eventually call home if they chose to.  This means that I want to make sure the CATT Political Action Committee successfully lobbies regional agencies to grow accordingly. Additionally, I would like to see that growth be supported by local companies that share the same interest and values that were instilled in me by a life in this community.

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