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April was full of excitement, from more snow storms to what felt like the entire town expressing their opinion on the General Plan Update.

As you may know by now the General Plan approval was delayed and our CATT GPU Committee was instrumental in getting this done and also getting language approved by the Town of Truckee that was acceptable to our Association. We will continue to remain active and vigilant as we carry on into various committees that will be created as a result of the plan. A special thanks to all of you who called, emailed and came to town hall to express your support and opinions.

We continue to move forward to working with MAP, and other strategic partners and the Town of Truckee on the GPU and other items such as Workforce Development. I am truly excited to begin work on important programs that will be of little to no cost to our industry to "train up" newcomers to the trades through the use of grants, scholarships and other programs to make sure we always have that competitive edge.

We try to be careful about striking a balance of too many emails, but still keeping you informed about what's important...thanks for your patience. Enjoy the sunny weather this week (crossed fingers).

All the Best,


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