Board Election Ballot for 2018-2020 Term

Deadline to return your Ballot to the CATT office is

5:00 PM, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2017

All ballots are confidential. One ballot per member company.

All seats are for a 3-year term beginning January 2018 and ending December 2020.


Candidate Statements



I am Tracy Brantingham, Owner/Manager of Building Profits LLC.  Building Profits is a bookkeeping and full back office company with a focus in Design & Construction industries.  I have been in these industries for 29 years.  Hence, my focus is building the bottom line both for CATT and my clients.  My primary interest is helping the various event committees maximize their profits to support the financial health of CATT and reach both their short-term and long-term objectives.  I am a new member as of Spring 2017 and have already served on the Sporting Clay Committee and the Budget Committee.  I do believe that one gets out of an organization what one puts into it and I look forward to serving CATT.  Thank you for your consideration.



Hello CATT Members.  My name is Joshua Munns and I am the owner of nvision Glass.  I grew up in the construction industry and started nvision Glass in 2009.  Over the past 8 years nvision Glass has been very involved with CATT as well as the Truckee Construction Industry.  I have served on the Golf Committee and am looking to Chair the newest committee, Workforce Development.  My passion is in education and training the next generation of skilled trade workers.  Working with building groups like CATT to support education and training is my main focus.  I am looking forward to serving the board as well as CATT Members. Thank You for your vote!



It has been my pleasure to serve on the CATT Board and represent local contractors involving issues pertinent to our members and the construction industry locally.  I would like to continue to represent local contractors as your voice.  I am always available to hear your concerns and take them to the Board.



My name is Ted Reviglio.  I'm looking for an opportunity to fill a position on the CATT Board of
Directors. We have a company within the Truckee Tahoe markets, Western Nevada Supply, a plumbing wholesale company.  I have thirty plus years within our industry. I also have many contractor and vendor connections within the Tahoe Truckee markets. I believe we could bring new business opportunities from the wholesale business prospective. Please consider me for a candidate when looking to fill a position.



I am seeking election to the board, having served since March 2016 by appointment. I am the Vice President and partner of Mt. Lincoln Construction; a long standing CATT member. During my time on the Board of Directors, I have served on the Budget Committee and as the Chairperson of the Marketing Committee. My time on the Marketing Committee realized great progressions for CATT, including the launch of the official Facebook page, efficiencies in the “Jobs to Bid” program, and various other strategic approaches to marketing throughout the organization. I believe that I can further serve CATT by providing a professional and efficiency focused approach to the Board of Directors. Thank you for your consideration.





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